MKULTRON is a system for implementing a combination of 2 ESS (Evolutionary Stable Strategies):
Tit For Tat
Always Defect

in the Prisoner’s Dilemma that is life.

It is a collection of perspectives, principles, questions, memes, exercises and examples of the core memes that make up the human experience.

According to the scientific work and experiments of Robert Axelrod and Richard Dawkins,
we learn that the most durable cooperation strategies are the 2 mentioned above.

The Nobel Peace Prize to end all Nobel Peace Prizes is very elegant and mankind has the means to implement it now:

Schools worldwide teach their students about the Prisoner’s Dilemma,
how it applies to life, both on a macro and micro scale,
and that using the 2 strategies Tit For Tat (“nice”) and Always Defect (“nasty”) will give the greatest “reward”.
MKULTRON teaches when they’re appropriate to use and when they’re not,
for the end goal of flooding the global strategy population with the “nice” strategy, in the long term macro perspective.